Welcome to our blog post page, where we will keep you regularly updated with the latest information about the Angry Titans and the e-sports scene around Valorant in the future. With a focus on the Regional League DACH: Evolution, we still take a look beyond the horizon from time to time to project V, Game Changers, Valorant Challengers, Valorant Masters, Valorant Champions as well as in game content/balancing discussions involving our e-athletes.

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A little roundup  
With the release of the tactical shooter Valorant from Riot Games in June 2020 and the accompanying growing popularity of it, provided also a breath of fresh air for us and led the organization to migrate the Overwatch team, founded in August 2017, to the genre newcomer Valorant at the beginning of 2021. Not only was the team restructured, but the Angry Titans as an organization also reshaped and grew over the course of the year just like Valorant in the e-sports sector itself. The league structure introduced by Riot 2021 allowed us to qualify for the Valorant Regional League DACH: Evolution and make a first and lasting impression. The result? 
Play-offs Qualifications in Spring and Summer Split!  
That set the direction and signaled a clear statement to all competitors 
“We are here, we are angry, we are Titans” 


Current State of e-sports in Valorant 

Launched in 2021, the Valorant Champions Tour was just the tip of the iceberg. 
Riot Games revealed in the same breath a structure that allowed access to esports experience at every level, from casual players to professional e-athletes. Everybody loves underdog stories, the opportunity for Zero to Hero moments are given.   
Simply explained from top to bottom, the current state of the VCT structure as shown in the pyramid scheme has two stages featuring challengers and Master’s event (2x Challengers, 2x Masters). The two stages determine the participants for the champions tournament. Challengers takes place in one open qualifier which lead to a multi-week competition for a slot in the Master LAN tournament.  
Beneath the Challengers Stage are the regional leagues split across the Globe and managed by third party organizers and the Game Changers only female format. Bottom of the pyramid are the VRC Circuts like Project V, where u gather points to determine the best and a chance to climb into the regionals. 


What’s is to come: A double-edged sword 

The competitive structures will change and expand for the coming year.  
Three new international leagues for America, Europe and Asia, with week-to-week competition similar to their League of legends structure, but with no entry fee´s to lower the accessibility. On the other Hand, that’s still one more hurdle in the way for newcomers without partners, as these leagues will take place at fixed LAN locations. Without the support of partners in terms of travel and accommodation expenses impossible to lift. 
Still, Riots engagement in the e-sports sector is unrivalled, especially their Game Changers format. 
30-40% of Valorants player base is female, Game Changers opens a stage for them, which also had an impact on us Angry Titans 
Introducing: Angry Titans Oni