Overwatch Contenders EU Season 2 – A Season in review

Angry Titans: the Titans of European Overwatch

Following an intense season after which the Angry titans stand undefeated in the Overwatch Contenders Finals, we wanted to take a moment and review the outstanding run.

The young team made a lasting impression in the European Overwatch scene. Not only are they the final boss to defeat when the Contenders finals are happening in Paris on the 21st of September, but multiple players of their rosters have been called upon to play for their respective national teams in the Overwatch World Cup Qualifiers.

Many of the Titans are still at the start of their professional careers and are faithful prospects for future Overwatch League stardom. With Blizzards premiere Overwatch competition adding at least four expansion teams for its second season, lots of Overwatch League teams will be turning towards talents from the champions of the Contenders tournaments.

But the title of Contenders finalist didn’t came without hard work for the Angriest team in Europe. The Titans missed out on the finals in the last season of the Overwatch Contenders, being eliminated in the semi’s by Finnish side Team Gigantti. Now, with Gigantti out of the way, the road is clear for Angry Titans to beat Eagle Gaming in the finals and claim the title of European Overwatch champions.

The title would come well deserved for Angry Titans, for they have been unbeaten all season long. Eagle Gaming, the French side that the Titans will face in the finals, have on the other hand picked up two defeats along the course of the season. It’s thus no suprise that Angry Titans are the favorite to take the title, especially after how much the team has improved since last year.

The Titans started off the season with two clean sheets. In their two first two games they managed a perfect 4-0 victory against both Orgless and Hungry and 6nakes respectively. Angry Titans‘ third match proved to be slightly more of a challenge as they dropped a point against Young and Beautiful. Titans pulled through in the end tough and came out on fire with a 3-1 victory. British Hurricane proved to be the most challenging opponent for Angry Titans so far. London Spitfire’s academy team came close to bringing AT their first loss of the season, but were ultimetly defeated by the Titans in a very close game that resulted in a 2-1 victory. In the last week oft he regular season the Titans defeated Bazooka Puppiez 3-1 and closed out with a 16 (maps won) – 1 (maps tied) – 3 (maps lost) record, ending first in their group.

Quarter finalist One.Point proved to be an easy task for Angry Titans. With a clean 3-0 victory the Titans progressed to the semi-finals. Russian side Winstrike Team was much more of a serious thread to the Angry Titans, in a very back-and-forth match between the two the Titans succeeded in securing their ticket to the Contenders finals with a 3-1 victory over Winstrike.

On September 21st at 9 p.m. central European timezone Angry Titans will have to show their angriest performance yet as they face Eagle gaming in a best on seven final at the Espace Grande Arche in Paris. The match will be availible for all audience to watch at: twitch.tv/overwatchcontenders


The Angry Titans

Lukas 'LULLSISH' Wiklund

The 19yr old Swede is one of the most promising talents on the tank role in Europe. His signature characters as a tank are obviously Reinhardt and Winston. He impresses with great motivation, high commitment and a great sense for the game. Lukas is going to call the targets and managing the tempo of the Titans. Even though he is young, he already made it to several top teams and is a highly desired player by many teams out there. We are very happy to see him wearing the Angry Titans Jersey!
The Tank of the Titans: LullSiSH

Fabio "AFoxx" Veigas

Former LoL/CS:GO player, who was able to hit high ranks in both games but was never able to go pro. He then swapped his attention to Overwatch and rapidly started to spread his name out there. After getting picked up by Vivis Adventure, he was able to qualify for big tournaments and climbing the competetive ladder, with his signature heroes like Ana/Zen and Widowmaker . He is very dedicated and motivated and ready to show his true potential with this new line up.
Please welcome our Flex support: AFoxx

Ludvig 'Luddee' Håkansson

The youngest and most recent addition to our roster is also coming from the esport country of Sweden. Even though he is only 18 years old, he has a lot of experience in competetive Overwatch playing in the North American scene for quite a while on Teams like Toronto eSports and Tempo Storm. Ingame he is our Shotcaller and Main Supporter. He is responsible for setting up our fights and keeing the coordination in our team, in order to succeed. Being this good at his age already is an achievement but Luddee isnt done here. Watch out theres more to come from the Swede in the future!
Welcome our Support: Luddee

Stefan 'ONIGOD' Fiskerstrand

The young Norwegian talent should be a name recognized by almost everyone familiar with high level competetive Overwatch, after gathering experiences in OGN Apex Season 1 in Korea and after that in the competetive scene in North America aswell. His heropool is very broad and even though hes able to flex to a lot of heros, hes mostly known for his devastating Tracer plays. Mechanically he is incredibly gifted which makes him a player to look out for on our roster and the reason why our emenies cant sleep at night!
Welcome our DPS: ONIGOD

Elliot 'ELLIVOTE' Vaneryd

Another "young gun" from Sweden is our 19 year old Offtank player ELLIVOTE. He is also part of the former Vivis Adventure roster so his synnergy with the other guys in the team is already established. His signature heros are D.Va and Zarya and with his strong mechanical skill and his unprecedented game sense make him a valuable voice in our communications and a high impact player in the game. Watch out for this guy throwing huge bombs to decimate our opponents!
Please welcome our Offtank: ELLIVOTE

Erik 'Erki' Nolander

The last swedish addition to the team is Erki. Even though he has not been playing in any known teams or organisations we firmly believe that he got what it takes to make it to the top. His hero pool is very versitle and ranges from Projectile Heros like Genji, Phara or Junkrat all the way to Offtanks like Roadhog. With the help of the team Erki will be a player to watch in the future and we are happy to give him a platform to promote himself and his great skillset!
Welcome our DPS: Erki

About the team

Angry Titans is a german based team, which is working hard to compete with the best Overwatch teams out there. With the core of four german players and the addition of two international players we are hoping to compete for and entertain the german fan base and represent our country on the international Overwatch stage. Our goal is to create a strong team dynamic and being able to compete with the best teams out there, within the next several months. We work very hard and put in all our best efforts to achieve this goal and make our community proud.