The Angry Titans

Lukas 'LullSiSH' Wiklund

The 18yr old Swede is one of the most promising talents on the tank role in Europe. His signature characters as a tank are obviously Reinhardt and Winston. He impresses with great motivation, high commitment and a great sense for the game. Lukas is going to call the targets and managing the tempo of the Titans. Even though he is young, he already made it to several top teams and is a highly desired player by many teams out there. We are very happy to see him wearing the Angry Titans Jersey!
The Tank of the Titans: LullSiSH

Jonathan "Jona" Stelma

Former Starcraft 2 pro who, after a succesful career he turned his attention to Overwatch with the release of the game. His exceptionally broad heropool makes him a great addition to the team on the flex dps role. He is mechanically very gifted, while also having a great drive and passion to constantly improve as a player. His signature hero Genji requires a high level of understanding of the game and great mechanical abilities, which he has, and the team is looking forward to great performances from this talented player.
Please welcome our DPS: Jona

Cem "immortal" Oezgecen

Started playing Overwatch competitively as a Hitscan Main, shifted to the role of the ingame leading Lucio Player and later to Flex Support due to his gameknowledge and smart plays. He finally found a Team where he can utilize his abilities to the fullest as a skating force by playing Lucio. His strong competitive nature drives from a rich history of a long e-sports career in games such as Soldier of Fortune 2, Enemy Territory, World of Warcraft and League of Legends for Teams such as Team HFD, Team Helix, Team Acer and mTw.
Please welcome our Lucio main: immortal

Fabio "AFoxx" Veigas

Former LoL/CS:GO player, who was able to hit high ranks in both games but was never able to go pro. He then swapped his attention to Overwatch and rapidly started to spread his name out there. After getting picked up by Vivis Adventure, he was able to qualify for big tournaments and climbing the competetive ladder, with his signature heroes like Ana/Zen and Widowmaker . He is very dedicated and motivated and ready to show his true potential with this new line up.
Please welcome our Flex support: AFoxx

Christian "radioboiii" Gutzelnig

Former Shoutcaster for ESL Radio who, after being a successful Player and later Coach/Manager for CS:S Pro Teams, turned his attention to Overwatch. After several months of playing professional Overwatch he stepped down from playing once more and is now supporting the Team in all imaginable regards. Aside from being the Coach and Analyst he is also the teams organisational talent and the piece that keeps the gears grinding. He is very motivated to improve the team, but also improve his coaching abilites alongside. Please welcome our coach: radioboiii

About the team

Angry Titans is a newly formed german based team, which is working hard to compete with the best Overwatch teams out there. With the core of four german players and the addition of two international players we are hoping to compete for and entertain the german fan base and represent our country on the international Overwatch stage. Our goal is to create a strong team dynamic and being able to compete with the best teams out there, within the next several months. We work very hard and put in all our best efforts to achieve this goal and make our community proud.