Overwatch Contenders EU Season 3 – A Season in review

Angry Titans: the Titans of European Overwatch

Following a narrow defeat at the hands of Eagle gaming in the season 2 finale, Angry Titans came into season 3 with high hopes. The initial line-up has been together for the last 2 seasons of Contenders now and has developed an excellent synergy. The only difference between this season’s line-up and the one from last season, is that we sadly had to say farewell to our headcoach Packing10. Thank you for all your hard work, Mike. The Titans would later in the season find a new headcoach in Opti, coming over from North American Contenders team Skyfoxes. With him, he brought assistant coach Faustus. Angry Titans also found a new analyst in Wrath, after their previous analyst departed to work in the Overwatch League under the Atlanta Reign.

The first match of the season was a though one. Orgless and Hungry’s lineup looked stronger than ever before with a newly improved DPS lineup on their side. Never the less, the Titans managed to pull out a decisive 3-1 victory over the Swedish upcomers. In week 2 AT faced off against Shu’s Money Crew, a team with Contenders veteran players which came into the competition through Trials. Though SMC was definitely the underdog in this matchup, they managed to achieve a surprising victory over Angry Titans. Proving that no matter how titanic you are, you should never underestimate and opponent. The Titans managed to pull themselves back on track in the following weeks though. Winning an easy game against a struggling We Have Org (4-0) in week 3. As well as beating group leader One.PoinT (3-1) in the following week. Never the less, inconsistencies still plagued the team, losing 3-1 to British Hurricane in the final week of the regular season. With a 3-2 (+5) final result in the group stage, Angry Titans managed to secure themselves a second place in group B, qualifying them for playoffs.

In the Contenders quarter-finals, the Titans faced Russian organization Winstrike Team. Though in the first half Angry Titans didn’t seem to have much trouble in the matchup, Winstrike came back in the second half of the match, turning a 2-0 backlog in a tied 2-2 score after 4 maps. AT managed to just pull ahead of their Russian opponents in the last man. Taking the map 3-2 and sending them to the semi finals. In those semi’s they faces the Samsung MorningStars. The team from Italy was so far regarded as the strongest team in the competition, as it was the only one that did not lose a match yet over the course of the season. This was soon about to change, as Angry Titans won the match 3-0 without much effort. Setting the ante for the Contenders season 3 finale Angry Titans – Team Gigantti.

The first half of the finals belonged to the Fins as Gigantti was up 2-0 by the break. The Titans managed to pull back one map, but not before Gigantti put the game on a match point with a 3-1 score line. AT fought hard and valiantly, even picking up another map and making it 3-2. But at the end Team Gigantti was the better team and closed out the series 4-2, becoming Overwatch Contenders Season 3 champions.

With 2 2nd place finishes, Angry Titans will be hunting for the Contenders title come 2019. In 2019, the Contenders seasons will be longer, ensuring more stability for the team. Come cheer on our titans next Contenders season.


The Angry Titans

Lukas 'LULLSISH' Wiklund

The 19yr old Swede is one of the most promising talents on the tank role in Europe. His signature characters as a tank are obviously Reinhardt and Winston. He impresses with great motivation, high commitment and a great sense for the game. Lukas is going to call the targets and managing the tempo of the Titans. Even though he is young, he already made it to several top teams and is a highly desired player by many teams out there. We are very happy to see him wearing the Angry Titans Jersey!
The Tank of the Titans: LullSiSH

Fabio "AFoxx" Veigas

Former LoL/CS:GO player, who was able to hit high ranks in both games but was never able to go pro. He then swapped his attention to Overwatch and rapidly started to spread his name out there. After getting picked up by Vivis Adventure, he was able to qualify for big tournaments and climbing the competetive ladder, with his signature heroes like Ana/Zen and Widowmaker . He is very dedicated and motivated and ready to show his true potential with this new line up.
Please welcome our Flex support: AFoxx

Ludvig 'Luddee' Håkansson

The youngest and most recent addition to our roster is also coming from the esport country of Sweden. Even though he is only 18 years old, he has a lot of experience in competetive Overwatch playing in the North American scene for quite a while on Teams like Toronto eSports and Tempo Storm. Ingame he is our Shotcaller and Main Supporter. He is responsible for setting up our fights and keeing the coordination in our team, in order to succeed. Being this good at his age already is an achievement but Luddee isnt done here. Watch out theres more to come from the Swede in the future!
Welcome our Support: Luddee

Stefan 'ONIGOD' Fiskerstrand

The young Norwegian talent should be a name recognized by almost everyone familiar with high level competetive Overwatch, after gathering experiences in OGN Apex Season 1 in Korea and after that in the competetive scene in North America aswell. His heropool is very broad and even though hes able to flex to a lot of heros, hes mostly known for his devastating Tracer plays. Mechanically he is incredibly gifted which makes him a player to look out for on our roster and the reason why our emenies cant sleep at night!
Welcome our DPS: ONIGOD

Elliot 'ELLIVOTE' Vaneryd

Another "young gun" from Sweden is our 19 year old Offtank player ELLIVOTE. He is also part of the former Vivis Adventure roster so his synnergy with the other guys in the team is already established. His signature heros are D.Va and Zarya and with his strong mechanical skill and his unprecedented game sense make him a valuable voice in our communications and a high impact player in the game. Watch out for this guy throwing huge bombs to decimate our opponents!
Please welcome our Offtank: ELLIVOTE

Erik 'Erki' Nolander

The last swedish addition to the team is Erki. Even though he has not been playing in any known teams or organisations we firmly believe that he got what it takes to make it to the top. His hero pool is very versitle and ranges from Projectile Heros like Genji, Phara or Junkrat all the way to Offtanks like Roadhog. With the help of the team Erki will be a player to watch in the future and we are happy to give him a platform to promote himself and his great skillset!
Welcome our DPS: Erki

About the team

Angry Titans is a german based team, which is working hard to compete with the best Overwatch teams out there. With the core of four german players and the addition of two international players we are hoping to compete for and entertain the german fan base and represent our country on the international Overwatch stage. Our goal is to create a strong team dynamic and being able to compete with the best teams out there, within the next several months. We work very hard and put in all our best efforts to achieve this goal and make our community proud.