LeetDesk – https://leetdesk.com/

LeetDesk is the only manufacturer dedicated to high-end, gaming standing desks that get you literally on a higher level. Designed for gamers, the electrically height-adjustable computer desk with all its features is the last definite piece of your gaming setup. The LeetDesk is made for pro gamers and all those who places importance on maximum flexibility, health and aesthetics.

Fritz-Kola – https://fritz-kola.com/en/

Fritz-Kola – the better alternative with lots of caffeine and a unique kola taste. As a local partner from Germany, it’s about more than just drinks for the two founders from Hamburg. Sustainability, social commitment and natural ingredients are firmly anchored in the company philosophy.

Hi-Tech – https://www.hitech-gamer.com/

High-end technology merged with limitless customization.

With infinite possibilities to customize your own computer Hi-Tech stands out in the market and delights its customers with incredible designs. With premium components and their unique service, the products are perfect not only for gamers, but also for professional esports players.

Löwenanteil –  https://www.loewenanteil.com/

Nutrition plays a big role in performance, not only in traditional sports but also in esports.

Löwenanteil offers the possibility to create delicious and healthy dishes in a very short time without any compromises. 100% organic quality, complex carbohydrates and rich in proteins.

Collide – https://www.drink-collide.com/

COLLIDE is one of the first manufacturers to harness the power of collagen and its potential to optimize performance. 

It tastes like a delicious after-work drink and is healthy compared to ordinary energy drinks. 

Maxonomic – https://www.needforseat.de/  

Developed in Germany and manufactured in Asia under strict quality controls, the chairs put all other gaming chair manufacturers in the shade. 

The brand name, which is made up of the terms “Maximum” and “Ergonomic”,  
exactly what Titans love to see in their products. 

The customization is limitless so really everyone can find his very unique chair.

Spized – customized sportswear – https://www.spized.com/   

Spized brings color, creativity, and personality to the everyday life of grey sports articles. What is already standard in professional sports is now possible for all of us!

At spized, you can design your individual sportswear in just a few steps using our 3D configurator. You decide which colors, patterns, and inscriptions suit your team best. The scope for design is limitless. Gone are the times when you had to decide between a few standard designs. With the spized design tool, you become the designer of your team.

Ankerkraut – https://www.ankerkraut.de/

For us, cooking means more than just preparing food.  

Cooking is love, cooking is spending time together with favorite people – with family and friends.  

Ankerkraut sees it the same way and makes the best spices to connect people from all over the World.  

And what would be a good Melting-Pot without the Spice?  

Elgato – https://www.elgato.com/  

Synonymous with quality and performance, Elgato products are either state-of-the-art inventions in their own right, or reimagined technologies designed to revolutionize creative workflows. Software and firmware are frequently updated to keep producers at the cutting edge of their craft. And cross-compatibility delivers a seamless user experience that keeps evolving as the Elgato ecosystem grows.