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The Angry Titans are going to expand after the last successful season in VRL: The Angry Titans family is growing another roster. We want to make a statement in esport and our Angry Titans Oni Roster will be a big step in female esport.

Valorant keeps trending on all levels

Valorant keeps on its high note and there is no end of its growth in sight. With about 15 million monthly players and a steadily increasing viewership of about 1 million viewers across its different leagues like: Project V, VRL and VCT as well as its major Tournaments Challengers and Champions. Valorant at the current is showing especially within Riot Games titles a share of 30-40% of female players which is unprecedented, a share we want to foster and further incorporate into our organization and the esport landscape.

We present: The Angry Titans Oni Roster

So here we are, give them a warm welcome, our Angry Titans Oni Roster!






With this team of German players, we not only want to set a mark in esport but also show a way to support and develop the talents in this rather underrepresented scene. Our IGL Evi “Blossom” about the announcement:

“Valorant has the chance to be something big, where everyone can find a place and the Angry Titans want to be an active part in this change to be something big.
We as peepoShy, now Angry Titans Oni, are releaved to know someone on our side whom not only want to strengthen the female scene but develop them and is giving us the opportunity to develop on an in-game and personal level.
Together we can set a mark that all potential should be used to create something beautiful.”

Upcoming competition and Goals of the team

The team will be competing in Project V, Game Changer and the Project Queens as well as the Medusa series. The goal is to play at the top and show the huge potential of this team also through the usage of our facility in Krefeld. The Angry Titans Oni squad, already set a statement by reaching the Project Queens finals, which were held as a Lan event at the Xperion facility in Cologne on 2nd of July. Not one tear was shed when the Angry Titans Oni succumbed to Acent Rising, as it were close matches. Both parties enjoyed competing on a high level against each other, and soaking up the LAN atmosphere with a sensational crowd.
Project Queens by itself was a successful event. Rumor has it, that the positive feedback opened up the opportunity for a second Project Queens event. If so, we will be there for sure.
So keep an eye out for us!

Angry Titans General Manager Löweh about our new members:

“Angry Titans Oni is in many ways an important step. The players of the team are from personal and in-game perspective just great.
Apart of the potential the team is bringing themselves, I’m happy to support a young, present and growing scene within esports and provide its much-deserved visibility.
I’m excited what we can achieve together. #stayangry”

Do you want to see the Angry Titans Oni in Action? Don’t miss the mentions upcoming. Also
if you missed the Project V Queens finals then get a glimps of it right here and show your support in the comments section. Also don´t forget the future VCT Game Changer events, and possible Project Queens 2.
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