Angry Titans VRL 2022 recap

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What a Ride

Let me take you on a little VRL recap trip, because this trip had his fair number of ups and downs. Roster changes, clutch games against rivals, breaking the almost famous „draw“ curse of the Angry Titans…. And last but not least the VRL play-offs win and participation in the EMEA regional finals.

In the end, we look back, maybe a little bit wistfully at the summer split, but at the same time look expectantly into the future. Just please try not to imagine this figuratively: No, we don’t look like a chameleon with a slight squint…

Summersplit & Playoffs

Oh boy, that looks like the draw curse of the spring split is still sticking to us. The first few games of the VRL summer split were kind of mixed, we usually started strong and then lost the second map to our opponent. It didn’t matter if it was the map chosen by the opponent or by us.

Three of the first four matches ended in a draw. Also the young talent Taranvir „Bipo“ Singh, who moved to us from the competitor Dysre, found it difficult to groove into the games of the VRL. 

But then the Angry Titans and Bipo broke the knot. With the help of coach Ilias „iLKa“ Kaskanetas, the team harmonized better and better and was able to implement the strategies adapted by him to the opposing teams. As a result, the Angry Titans were able to win against the direct competitor Ovation eSports and the favorite Dsyre.

Dysre also took a beating in the play-offs finals against us, getting swept away in an unprecedented and in a dominant fashion. A clean 3:0. Rewatch it as often as you want on the VRL DACH youtube channel, right here.

VRL Springsplit

VRL Summersplit


Angry Titans VRL recap

With the playoffs victory, the Angry Titans qualified themselves for the Valorant Regional Leagues EMEA Finals and were allowed to represent the VRL DACH: Evolution. 

The participants of these finals were the best of the best of the EMEA region. Angry Titans, EXCEL, Case Esports, TENSTAR, Team Vitality, Team Falcons and FUT Esports played for a total prize pool of 150,000 Euro.

In the group stage, the Angry Titans were able to score a narrow victory against Team Falcon from the MENA region. The Falcons turned out to be a tougher nut than expected, but could then be cracked in the third decision map. 

With this victory and a defeat against FUT Esports from Turkey, the Titans qualified  for the lower bracket of the semi-finals. In the quarter-finals we had to prove ourselves again against FUT Esports, this time we managed to win a 1-1 draw with new tactics from Coach iLKa. 

However, FUT Esports was consistently strong and took the 2:1 victory in the decision map. In the final, the Turkish team then confidently showed a 3-0 in the best of five format against Case Esports. 

Our final verdict? We dropped out against the champion of this year’s finals, and even did one map better than Case Esports, “task failed successfully”.

Either way we congratulate FUT Esports once again on their well-deserved victory and hope to see them again on the international stage soon.%

It´s a wrap

To wrap it up, short and sweet: We had the best Male team in the VRL DACH this summersplit, also the 4th best in europe, and the second best female team with our Angry Titans Oni Squad. I think we can be proud of what we achieved this split.

Now that the Regional Finals have ended, it will be a bit quieter in the VRL DACH: Evolution. But not for us, because standing still has never been our thing and we take the „evolution“ in the name of the league literally. 

First, let’s get to the elephant in the room. By now, some of you may have heard the Big News. After the successful run through the Summer Split, the Playoffs and the EMEA Regional Finals, the five players and coach iLKa have decided to break new ground. 

We as an organization have grown through this time together and the players have formed one of the strongest teams in the EMEA region. We have achieved a lot and we wish you all the best for the future, no matter where you land, we will cheer you on. #stayangry and Farewell!

Evolution is on it´s way

Everything is in motion in the VRL DACH: Evolution. And so are we and our plans. We got a few cards up our sleeves, that are ready to be revealed, don´t miss out on this!
A little hint: we take regionality serious.

As always,